If you are like most brokers, you are keeping a close eye on your bottom line, and actively managing your cash flow has never been more important. The economics of a real estate brokerage can require a delicate balance. Late payments and delinquencies in receiving desk and other fees impact your cash flow. Perhaps you would rather spend less time with details that take away from managing your brokerage. Let’s face it, efficient and productive offices don’t get that way by accident. Finding an innovative solution that has a proven impact on your bottom line has never been easier.
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and we’re ready to help you each step of the way. There is no hardware needed and you can access your virtual terminal anywhere using a web browser or a smart phone (Android, Blackberry, iPhone). Once you start processing payments, you will obtain funds in your account typically within two business days.
At Real Estate Management Outsource we’re committed to one thing – helping you automate your accounts receivables systems so that you can grow your brokerage, become more profitable and continue to provide more value to your agents. We’ve partnered with TransFirst, one of the nation’s leading payment processors, to bring you a dependable, web-based payment processing solution to easily capture card payments and set up automatic, recurring billing for collecting all agent fees. Plus we offer excellent rates and exceptional customer service for $29.95 per month and a one-time set-up fee of $195. Most brokerages will see a complete return on investment within 3 months.